Ways to Save Electricity at Home

The best way to conserve on the cost of your electricity is to get smart with how you use it. You can actually save an amount of money by conserving energy; here are some ways on how you can minimize your electric bill.


Wearing the Right Clothes

Dress appropriately for the weather, layering your clothes during winter and using sleeveless clothes during summer helps you feel comfortable without the need of turning your heater or air cooler.

Close Doors and Curtains

Cooling or heating the entire house can be quite expensive, if it is possible, shutting the doors to areas that you do not use and only cool or heat the places where you spend most of your time is a good and effective way to conserve electricity.

Keeping your curtains closed at night and making sure that it seals window properly to prevent the cool air entering your house is a good substitute for turning the heater on. Block portions around your doors and windows to prevent air leaking in or out.

Set Your Thermostat

During winter, heating your home can add over 30% to your electricity bill. The thermostat must be set between 18 to 20 degrees because every degree above 20 can increase your heating bill by about 10%. It is crucial that you turn off all your heating or cooling devices when leaving your house or if not needed.

Running the Fridge Efficiently

Your refrigerator at home is always consuming electricity which makes it as one of your most expensive appliances; you must make sure that the door is tightly sealed and free gaps so cold air can’t leak. 4 or 5 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature of your fridge while the ideal freezer temperature is around negative 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Insulating and Upgrading Your Roof

Your energy bill will lessen if your roof is insulated, if you already installed insulation, make sure that is correctly installed and has the appropriate rating. It is a trend nowadays to upgrade your roof by installing solar panels to provide electricity.

Solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it to electricity for your own consumption; it is a new way to save electricity. If you are interested in upgrading your roof and installing solar panels there are many companies that offer professionals services such as San Diego – they put customer satisfaction on top.

Stop Standby Power Waste

Your appliance still uses 10% electricity even if they are on standby, it is advantageous if you purchase standby power controller that will automatically lessen standby time and shuts down your appliances when not in use.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs can be used instead of incandescent and halogen light bulbs. These bulbs help lessen the consumption of electricity and last longer compared to other light bulbs. Sometimes, light bulbs are replaced for free or with charge but at a cheaper cost.

Washing Clothes Using Cold Water

115$ can be saved per year if you opt to use cold water in washing your clothes. Make sure that you select the shortest appropriate washing cycle can help you save money on electric bills. Only choose a full cycle if you are having a full load of dirty clothes.

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How To Assess Your Roofing Contractor

Many of the home owners today go to roofing companies to hire a professional roofing contractor in installing or repairing their roofs. Considering that roofing is such a dangerous job especially when you do not have enough knowledge and experience to do this kind of stuff, or the right kind of stuff and equipment, it is only fitting and proper to hire a professional roofing contractor.

Roofing Contractor

Yes, hiring a roofing contractor is a great alternative rather than doing job yourself and trying to experiment in your own home. But you still also need to take some measures in hiring one. This is because roofing contractors may all be professionals but they’re still not the same. They vary in skills, trustworthiness, ethics, and experience. . However, if you are living in Franklin TN, or anywhere near the area, a reliable roofing contractor in Franklin TN is one I can suggest. You need to be meticulous in hiring a roofing contractor because when the roofing results to a poor job, it can lead to more costly repairs in the future. . Furthermore, in this article, you will know how to assess the roofing contractor you are planning to hire in order to get a reliable one.

First of all, you need to ask your prospect roofing contractor his physical address and full company name. Even if they are using a post office box, it is still mandatory for you to ask the physical location. If does not have any or refuses to give you the information, it is more likely to be a scam on his credibility and can cause problems. Secondly, you need to know if your roofing contractor has insurance. It is very important for a roofing contractor to have compensation from liability insurance to protect you from any issues and liabilities in terms of accident. If your roof contractor takes an injury without liability insurance, the contractor becomes your responsibility and you will have to pay for the medical expenses and other bills for the treatment. The liability insurance can also protect you whenever your roof contractor causes damage in your home during the process of repair.

Of course, you also need to know if your roofing contractor has a professional license. This is to make sure if he/she is really authorized by the city or state to do the job. If possible, don’t just let him show you his/her license, assess it or go to the licensing office to make sure that his/her license is up to date and not fake. Through this, you can also assess if your roofing contractor is not involved in any violence and misconduct in his previous work.  It is also better if your roofing contractor has homeowner reference. Ask him/her if he has already had a job done from previous homeowners and ask them if they are satisfied with the work that is done by the contractor. If there’s any, you can refer to other local residential job sites and try to search for your contractor’s previous works.

These are the basic things you need to know in hiring a roofing contractor. Yes, it takes a lot of time in looking for these qualifications, but it is also better safe than sorry.

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